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What next? Working, learning, volunteering, something

What’s next? Opportunities for working, learning, volunteering and something more…

What’s next? Staying at home or taking off living and working abroad? Looking for a temporary job or starting a career? Continue studying, gaining some practical work experience or learning something new? Engage in another volunteer service, local or abroad? Traveling and discovering the world? – Get some ideas and inspiration here… Read more

Learning Polish Fast [Michael Kimmig]

Learning Polish (and any language) Fast!

We never take advantage of the whole repertoire of vocabulary of a language when we communicate. In everyday life conversations we use around 2000 words. From a language learning point of view, it’s very efficient to know these 2000 words to be able to understand most of the communication around you. Read more

KIIK Train the Trainer | Weiterbildung für interkulturelle Trainerinnen und Trainer

Interkulturelle Kompetenz erfolgreich vermitteln

Alle in der interkulturellen Bildung und Weiterbildung Tätigen kennen die Herausforderung, ständig neue Impulse und Inhalte in sein Repertoire zu integrieren und sich über die grundlegende Ausbildung hinaus als Trainerin oder Trainer weiter zu professionalisieren. Wo erhält man zudem praxisnah und theoretisch fundiert einen Überblick über die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten des Einsatzes von Filmen, von spannenden Simulationen oder erhellenden Testverfahren, um Interkulturelle Kompetenz erfolgreich zu vermitteln? Die interkulturellen Vertiefungsworkshops des Kölner Instituts für Interkulturelle Kompetenz (KIIK) schließen diese Lücke.

Going Abroad: How to deal with Culture Shock? [Image: Ylanite CC0 via Pixabay]

Going Abroad: How to deal with Culture Shock?

Have you ever felt lost in another country, not having any idea what is going on around you and people and culture throw you off balance? – “Going Abroad: How to deal with Culture Shock?” Online Course walks you through the process of transition entering a new, unknown culture in order to live and work abroad. Read more