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MuC Seek Clarity Residential Event Event | Graphic: Andreea Buzek

Seek Clarity! Residential Event | Mentoring under Construction

Once a year, the Mentoring under Construction Community gathers mentors, project coordinators, authors, researchers, etc. who are passionate about mentoring in European Solidarity Corps projects for a Residential Event.This year the event took place in Athlone, Ireland and was meant to seek clarity! Read more

MuC MeetUP #4 Growing with GROW [Francesco Gallarotti via unsplash]

Growing with GROW: Guiding the learning journey with the GROW model | Mentoring under Construction

The GROW model provides a structured framework for coaching conversations and it is used to facilitate personal and professional development: With GROW you can help individuals clarify their objectives (goals), understand their current situation (reality), explore possibilities (options), and take effective action towards their goals (way forward). Read more

MuC MeetUP #2 [Dave Hoefler via unsplash]

How to support the learning process of a volunteer

One of the core tasks of a mentor is supporting the learning and development of volunteers. It’s all about guiding the volunteers’ learning journey and supporting them to learn and grow both personally and professionally. How does this look practically? What are your experiences with supporting learning? What approaches and non-formal methods do you use? Read more

MuC MeetUP #1 [Andy Hu via unsplash]

How to plan ahead with your volunteer | Mentoring under Construction

Goal setting and action planning – once volunteers have arrived and become more acquainted with their work, the organisation and the local environment, it is time to make plans: How to help volunteers to set goals and action steps towards them? How can you support them to overcome obstacles? How can you keep them accountable? What strategies and tools can you use for goal setting and action planning? Read more

Step it UP! Mentoring under Construction Review 2023

Step it UP! Mentoring under Construction 2023

Mentoring under Construction is a community of practitioners who share a passion for mentoring/coaching. This community supports learning, developing and growing mentoring and coaching competences and helps improving the quality of mentoring and coaching within the European Solidarity Corps programme (and beyond). “Step it UP!” is a review of Mentoring under Construction activities and events in 2023. Read more