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HOP Crash Course 2023. Call for participants

HOP Crash Course | A smooth start with online learning – Call for participants

HOP Crash Course is a blended online training, that combines an online course elements with a series of online live events about bringing your first course online. The course covers quality aspects of non-formal online learning and the implementation on the HOP Online Learning platform. Read more

Facilitating Online Learning

Facilitating Online Learning | Online Courses

Online course facilitation is very important for anyone who would like to support online learning. Learner’s engagement and chances to successful complete the online course is significantly higher with facilitating online learning. Facilitating learning in an online environment is quite different from facilitating face-to-face. It has some unique characteristics and limitations. Read more

HOP! Plan, create and publish your first online course

“HOP! Plan, create and publish your first online course” is a self-paced course is for course authors and facilitators, who would like to develop their first online course on the HOP platform. It introduces the basics of course design and leads you through three steps: planning, creating and publishing. Read more

How to make the best of your course | Encouraging Self-directed Learning Online

Online learning is exciting and offers a lot of flexibility: learning anything, anytime, anywhere. However the flexibility of learning online comes with a price. Online Learning requires a lot of abilities and skills: Self-directed Learning or Learning to learn online is a key competence for thriving in online courses. Read more