Topic: International Youth Work

Games and Activities [Autumn Goodman - unsplash]

Bring Your Group Work to Life. Games and Exercises for Children and Youth

Games and activities for children and youth are bringing your group work to life. They help breaking the ice, bringing people together and building a group, stimulate and increase curiosity and learning, strengthen interaction and communication, and many more things. Games and exercises reinforce learning through experiencing. Read more

Intercultural Learning - Balloons

Initiating and Facilitating Intercultural Learning in Youth Exchanges and Workcamps

What experiences during intercultural encounters can be used as opportunities for intercultural learning? What is special about them? What turns them into key-experiences? How can such opportunities be perceived and used to learn with and from one another? – This article brings together some ‘mosaic pieces’ from a wide range of theoretical reflections and practical experience. Read more

European Solidarity Corps [Greg Rakozy via]

Volunteer opportunities: The New European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Programme

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme is an initiative from European Union which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer and/or work in projects that benefit communities and people around Europe. The programme is offering volunteer and occupational activities that support a non-governmental organisation (NGO), local authority or private company in addressing challenging situations across the European Union. Read more

Interkulturelles Lernen in Workcmps (Teil 1)

Workcamps als Programmformat für deutsch-polnische Begegnungen

Charakteristisch für internationale Workcamps ist ihr spezifischer pädagogischer Ansatz, einer Kombination aus Arbeit, Studienteil und Freizeitgestaltung. Dadurch unterscheiden sie sich deutlich von anderen Formen internationaler Jugendbegegnungen. Zwei weitere Elemente sind die Selbstorganisation und das am Workcampalltag orientierte interkulturelle Lernen. Read more