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Miedzy Innymi - Among Others [Ela Kielak Krakow 2016]

“Między Innymi – Among Others” | Bringing Intercultural and Non-Formal Education to Higher Education Institutions

“Między Innymi” (engl. “Among Others”) aims at developing intercultural awareness and competence of future teachers, educators, youth and social workers and bringing Intercultural and Non-Formal Education to Higher Education Institutions. The initiative started 2010 in Poland and is a joint initiative between the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE) and the German-Polish Youth Office (PNWM). Read more

Intercultural Sensitivity in Vocational Orientation

Intercultural Sensitivity in Vocational Orientation. A long-term blended training programme

The qualification programme “Intercultural Sensitivity in Vocational Orientation” can be counted among the most extensive intercultural training courses in Germany. Between March 2016 and June 2017 more than 400 professionals from the field of vocational orientation were trained in long-term blended training course in their intercultural sensitivity and competence. Read more

Intercultural Learning - Balloons

Initiating and Facilitating Intercultural Learning in Youth Exchanges and Workcamps

What experiences during intercultural encounters can be used as opportunities for intercultural learning? What is special about them? What turns them into key-experiences? How can such opportunities be perceived and used to learn with and from one another? – This article brings together some ‘mosaic pieces’ from a wide range of theoretical reflections and practical experience. Read more

Arbeiten in den Ferien. IKL in Workcmps (Intro)

Arbeiten in den Ferien? – Du spinnst wohl! – Interkulturelles Lernen im Rahmen von Workcamps

Jedes Jahr viele Jugendliche und junge Erwachsene mit Freiwilligenarbeit ihren Urlaub. Internationale Workcamps erlauben Jugendlichen, neue Menschen kennenzulernen, Eindrücke und Erfahrungen über andere Länder zu sammeln und eine soziale Initiative mit ihrem Engagement zu unterstützen. Read more