What’s next? Ideas and opportunities for working, learning, volunteering and something more…

What next? Working, learning, volunteering, something

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What’s next? What comes afterwards? Do you go back home or stay in Poland? Do you wand to live and work abroad? Are you looking for a job and want to start a career? Do you want to learn something new? Continue your studies? Engage in another volunteer service? Discover the world? – This article provides ideas and inspiration for working, learning, volunteering and something more.

If there is no wind, row.
Latin proverb

We often work with volunteers who work and live up to one year in Poland. During our meetings, we often address future-related questions, the life after their voluntary service: What’s next? What will you do after EVS (European Voluntary Service)? Are you going back home or stay in Poland? Are you looking for a job and starting a career? In your own country? In Poland? Somewhere else abroad? Do you want to learn something new? Continue your studies? Engage in another volunteer service? Discover the world? Etc.

One part of our seminars, we present a list of ideas and opportunities, that are out there concerning…

  • working,
  • learning,
  • volunteering and
  • something more…

This list of ideas and opportunities is work in progress. It grew over the years, when older links became obsolete and new ones had been added. If you know some more, please add them in the comment section.


Work opportunities

What next? Working opportunities

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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Working abroad

Nowadays it is not only an opportunity, but – looking at the statistics of youth unemployment rates in Europe – often a necessity to leave your region and find work elsewhere. If working abroad is an option for you, you might check out various job websites and portals.

Job websites and portals (European Union)

EURES | EURopean Employment Services

EU-Careers | European Personnel Selection Office

EuroBrussels | The European Affairs Website

EurActive | EurActive Job Site

Tip: Create your CV with Europass

If you want to apply for a job position in EU-Europe, you have to decide, if you stick to the national standard (of the country you apply) or choose to use the European standard: Europass .
Europass is a set of documents: CV, Language Passport/Portofilio (self-assessment) and Mobility Passport (to document your non-formal learning experiences). Europass aims to set a Europe-wide standard. You can create your documents online, or download templates in all European languages.
Especially international operating companies, organisations and NGO’s might request a Europass CV. So, better be prepared.

Job search platforms (worldwide)

indeed | Job Search

Monster | Job Search, Career Advice and Hiring Resources

SimplyHired | Job Search Engine

jooble | Searching jobs around the world

iAgora | Globalise your CV

Worth trying could be also professional social networks, like: linkedIn . Based on your profile, linkedIn sends out regularly news about companies, that look for candidates with a similar profile in your region.

Working in Poland

A lot of volunteers also consider to stay in Poland after finishing their service. Just a few words about their starting points: A lot of them start off doing something with their own language, e.g. language teaching or translations services. They are quite successful, if they avoid bigger cities. Others find some English speaking jobs or internships around International Organisations in Poland, e.g. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), United Nations Development Programme (UNPD), European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML), EU Delegations, Diplomatic Missions, Greenpeace, etc. Another strategy is to look for job offers from international corporations, which have their seat in Poland.

But… sooner than later, you have to know the language.

Job search websites and platforms with their equivalent in Poland

EURES in Poland | EURopean Employment Services EURES activities in Poland include organisation of information meetings, consultancy days and job fairs. Addresses and phone numbers of offices authorised to provide EURES network services can be found here (mostly Wojewódzkie Urzędy Pracy).

The corresponding world-wide job search platforms are indeed Polska , Monster Polska and jooble Polska .

Tip: Recognition of certificates

At some point, it might be important, if your exam, diploma, certificate is recognized in another Country. For Poland, you can find out more information about the recognition of qualifications here: Bureau for Academic recognition

Country-specific job portals for Poland


Jobpilot [since 2016 redirecting to MonsterPolska]



Some of these sites (pracuj.pl, goldenline.pl) work like linkedIn: you can create your own profile online and you receive regularly job offers related to your qualifications.

Some platforms concentrate on local job offers in Poland. Gumtree and OLX are both platforms to buy and sell anything, but have also listing of smaller job offers.

Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) you find in Poland under one roof: Portal organizacji pozarządowych (ngo.pl ).

Or, check out the facebook group Work in Poland

Tip: Formalities

Migrating to another country brings a lot of paper work: registering your stay, applying for a permission to work, study, stay. Information about migration related issues Migration in Europe you find on The European Job Mobility Portal (EURES ). The section „Living and Working Conditions” contains details on finding accommodation, finding a school, taxes, cost of living, health, social legislation, comparability of qualifications, etc. A NGO in Poland that provides information and support is migrant.info.pl .

Learning opportunities

What's next? Learning opportunities

Alexis Brown via unsplash.com, License: Creative Commons Zero

Studying abroad

Studying in Europe (EU)

Erasmus+ | Erasmus study
iAgora | Universities & Business Schools

Information about tuition fees around Europe you may find at the European Youth Portal .

The best places to study for a degree in Europe by @tessreidy

14 Countries Where You Can Study For Free (Or On A Budget) by @SimoneFluckiger

Studying in Poland

Ministery of Sience and Higher Education
Study in Poland

Tip: Scholarships and grants

East Chance
Edu Active


Internships European Union

European Youth Portal | work & learn

Internships worldwide


Online learning

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has had a profound effect on how we learn, broaden our knowledge and develop new skills: Online courses and so called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have become more and more popular. Universities and educational institutions invested in online learning platforms and offer online learning opportunities, that allow us to dive into any topic you, like from computer science, programming, Greek history, business, marketing, philosophy, psychology, meditation, self-development, and many more.
Find out more: Online learning opportunities | Learn Something New Anytime, Anywhere!

Non-formal Learning

Information and opportunities for young people who are living, learning and working in Europe / European Union provides the European Youth Portal .

European Voluntary Service

see the chaptet on volunteer opportunities

Youth Exchanges and Youth Projects


Qualification for international Youth Work

SALTO-YOUTH Network (SALTO) | Training Calendar and Toolbox
Erasmus+ MOOC | MOOC on Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities for Youth

Volunteer opportunities

What's next? Volunteer opportunities

Alejandro Alvarez via unsplash.com, License: Creative Commons Zero

Volunteering in another country is a great opportunity to help others and support a local project/ community. It allows young people to live and work abroad and experience and explore a different culture, whilst learning new skills that could be helpful in the future.

Erasmus+ volunteer opportunities

European Voluntary Service (EVS)
EVS on facebook… | EVS Poland and EVS in Poland
EU Aid Volunteers
European Solidarity Corps

Read also the following article: Volunteer opportunities: The New European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Programme

Other organisations you find here

Tip: How to choose a good voluntary service? (I)

Once you decide to volunteer, ask yourself the following questions:
What are my expectations / my goals?
What kind of project / tasks am I looking for?
What are my strengths? What can I offer?
Where would I like to go?
How much time do I have available?

Workcamps, Workcamp-Organisations

Service Civil International (SCI)
The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations (Alliance)
International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE)

SCI, ICYE and many Alliance partners offer also mid- and long-term volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer oportunities (search platforms)

Worldwide Helpers (WWH)

Tip: How to choose a good voluntary service? (II)

Check out the voluntary organisations: their programme, philosophy and project offers. If you have the chance contact the hosting projects and speak to the coordinator and former volunteers that have already been there.

Online volunteering

Cyber Volunteers | International Communications Volunteers (ICV)
Help from Home
UN Online Volunteering

Professional development co-operation / development aid

Erasmus+ | EU Aid Volunteers (European Youth Portal)
National Programmes (EU) | Polska Pomoc (Poland) | weltwaerts (Germany)
and others
UN Volunteers (UNV)

Something else…

What's next? Something

Aziz Acharki via unsplash.com, License: Creative Commons Zero

Joining a community

Arche International
Emmaus Communities | Emmaus UK
Global Eco-Villages network (GEN)

Working & Traveling

„wwoofing” | World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
Working abroad

Finding an accomodation

The Hospitality Club
Trustroots | Travellers community
Warm Showers | A community for cyclists and hosts

Tip: Create a Bucket List

Do you want to pick up a new sport? Run a marathon? Travel the world? Start learning a language? A new instrument? Conquer a fear? Start a business? Fall in love? …
Maybe you should start a bucket list! “Bucket lists” are all about your dreams, goals and experiences you want to have, abilities and skills you would like to develop, places and people you would like to see, etc. before you „kick the bucket”, before you die. Here is one list to get inspired! It has lots of further links to gather additional information…
What’s on Your Bucket List? 101 Things To Do Before You Die by Celestine Chua (Celes) Personal Exellence Blog

Missing anything? Please add you favourite in the comment section!

Last updated: April 2017

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