Self-Assessment of your Language Competence with the European Language Passport (ELP)

European Language Passport (ELP)

European Language Passport (ELP) Cover – Screenshot

Where do you stand? What is your level of language competence? – To find out about this, we would like to introduce you to the European Language Passport. The Language Passport is a tool to assess and document your proficiency in different languages at a given point in time.


What is the Language Passport?

The Europass Language Passport is a document in which you can record your language competence. It provides a review of all the languages you can use to a greater or lesser extent. This may include partial competences in some languages: you may, for example, be able to read in a language but not speak it very well. The Language Passport can include competence gained both inside or outside formal education. You can present your language proficiency in a comprehensible way, which is also internationally comparable.


How do I assess my level of language proficiency?

If you would like to assess your level of English (or any other second/foreign language) you may use the Self-Assessment Grid. This Grid is part of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

ELP Self-Assessment Grid - ScreenshotIn order to assess your language skills, please download the Self-Assessment Grid and follow the instructions.


Download the Self-Assessment Grid and the Instructions

Language Passport – Self-Assessment Grid (EN)

Language Passport – Instructions (EN)

Language Passport – Instructions (PL)

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How to create your Language Passport?

ELP Cover - Screenshot

Once you assessed your language skills, you are ready to create your language passport. The Language Passport also records formal qualifications and describes language competences and significant language and intercultural learning experiences.

Download one of the templates below and follow the instructions


Download the Language Passport and the Instructions

Language Passport (EN)

Language Passport (interactive version EN)

Language Passport – Instructions “How to complete the Language Passport?” (EN)
For more information, please visit the Council of Europe Website.

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