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JuBe+ Seminar, Belgien | Picture: LEXICON

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Jugendbegegnungen+ | Schritt für Schritt Jugendbegegnungen gestalten

Jugendbegegnungen+ | Schritt für Schritt Jugendbegegnungen gestalten. Seminarausschreibung

Jugendbegegnungen+ | 2016, Beaufort, Luxembourg | Picture: LEXICON

Das Einsteigertraining “Jugendbegegnungen+” ermöglicht den TeilnehmerInnen, Jugendbegegnungen im Rahmen des Programms Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion von der Idee über die Programmgestaltung bis hin zur Antragstellung zu planen.

Save the date: 29.11.-02.12.2017, Beaufort, Luxembourg

Einsteigertraining “Jugendbegegnungen+ | Seminarausschreibung

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“Meant to be a Mentor” Blended Training Course

M2beaM Report Titlepage

The Polish-Lithuanian Blended Training Course for EVS mentors was organised by the Polish and Lithuanian National Agencies from October 2014 till May 2015. This pilot project was carried out with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme.

The report serves not only as a retrospective presentation on what were the elements carried out through out the project, but also looks at what impact it has created on participants as well as presents a model to be considered for long term support for EVS mentors in the future.

“Meant to be a Mentor” Blended Training Course | Report