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What do you need to know to start your voluntary service in Poland? – Check out information and resources about Erasmus+, the European Voluntary Service, Erasmus+ and Youthpass, Poland, it’s history, places to see and travelling tips, learning the Polish language and working with children and youth.

T his blog post offers a list of resources created for EVS volunteers in Poland attending the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme. This includes information about:

1. European Voluntary Service (EVS)
2. A propos Poland: History, People and Culture
3. Let’s Learn Polish! – Online tools for learning Polish
4. Resources for Working with Children and Youth
5. Erasmus+ Youth Programme
6. Learning and Youthpass
7. Where to go? What to see? – Travelling in Poland

1. European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Discover European Voluntary Service | YouTube

Nie rozumiem / I don’t understand

EVS volunteers coming to Poland and their experience (EN, PL).
Nie rozumiem – Part 1 | YouTube
Nie rozumiem – Part 2 | YouTube

Pictures of EVS

Video clips from volunteers documenting their experience during EVS (European Voluntary Service).
Pictures of EVS | Youtube Playlist

European Solidarity Corps

The new European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme is an initiative from European Union which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer and/or work in projects that benefit communities and people around Europe. The programme is offering volunteer and occupational activities that support a non-governmental organisation (NGO), local authority or private company in addressing challenging situations across the European Union.
European Solidarity Corps | Article

2. A propos Poland: History, People and Culture

A propos Polski

European Voluntary Service in Poland. Guidebook not only for EVS volunteers (EN/PL)
A propos Polski | eBook

#Poland is the official information portal of the Republic of Poland, run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. | Website

Animated History of Poland / Animowana “Historia Polski”

An 8 minute video, depicting the history of Poland through animation, prepared by Tomasz Bagiński for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.
Animowana “Historia Polski” | YouTube

Poland Borders

Poland Borders 990 – 2008 | YouTube

Heart of Europe – Norman Davies

“Heart of Europe” is a documentary about Norman Davies, his fascination with Polish history and the process of discovering it. As for many Eupeans Europe ends at the border of Germany, Norman Davies is determined to show objective European reality, including the history and culture of countries of Middle and Eastern Europe.
Heart of Europe (EN/PL) | YouTube

Polish Film Chronicle / Polski kroniki filmowe

Polska Kronika Filmowa (1944–95) was a 10-minute-long newsreel shown in Polish cinemas prior to the main film. It continued the traditions of the pre-war Polish Telegraphic Agency, and in Communist Poland was often used as propaganda tool.
Polski kroniki filmowe | YouTube

3. Let’s Learn Polish! – Online tools for learning Polish

Learn Polish Feel Good

Polish grammar and vocabulary exercises, Polish grammar practice tests
Learn Polish Feel Good | Website

Learn Polish online with Mówić po polsku

Vocabluary and phrases, grammar, videos and podcasts
Mówić po polsku | Website

Learn Polish Online

Free Online Platforms and Apps to Learn and Improve your Polish
Learn Polish Online | Article

4. Tools for Working with Children and Youth

Games and exercises for children and youth

Games and exercises are bringing your group work to life. They help breaking the ice, bringing people together and building a group, stimulate and increase curiosity and learning, strengthen interaction and communication, and many more things. Games and exercises reinforce learning through experiencing.
Bring Your Group Work to Life. Games and Exercises for Children and Youth | Article
Games and Exercises for International Workcamps and Seminars | eBook
CreActivity and Play: Ideas for games and activities for kids and youth | Pinterest board

Teaching English

or: some inspiration to teach your own language to others…
LearnEnglish Kids | British Council
LearnEnglish Teens | British Council
Teaching English (kids, teens and adults) | British Council

5. Erasmus+ Youth Programme

Erasmus+ | Website
Eurodesk | Website

6. Learning and Youthpass

The undiscovered country. Learning through experience during European Voluntary Service (EVS)

European Youth Programmes provide various non-formal learning experience: youth exchanges, youth initiatives and voluntary service. These activities are based on learning through experience, which gives young people an opportunity to develop competences and one’s own personality. A perfect preparation for an unknown future.
The undiscovered country | Article

Youthpass | Website
Youthpass | Leaflet

7. Where to go? What to see? – Travelling in Poland

Poland’s Official Travel Website | Website


PKP (Polskie Koleje Państwowe) | Website
PKP Intercity | Website
PolskiBus | Website
BlaBlaCar | Website

Planning your travel

e-podroznik | Website
jakdojade | Website

Anything you miss? Add your recommendations in the comment section!

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