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Learn to be a Mentor. Resources [Ian Schneider via unsplash.com]

Learn to be a Mentor. Resources for Mentoring Volunteers

Mentoring is playing a key role in the support structure of volunteer opportunities organised within the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Programme. “Learn to be a Mentor” provides a collection of resources for mentoring volunteers. This includes approaches, methods, tools and recommendations for mentors working with volunteers. Read more

Volunteers in Poland [Alex Mihis via unsplash.com]

Resources for Volunteers in Poland

What do you need to know to start your voluntary service in Poland? – Check out information and resources for volunteering activities within the European Solidarity Corps (also known as European Voluntary Service) and the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme: volunteering, learning and Youthpass, Poland, it’s history, places to see and travelling tips, learning the Polish language and working with children and youth. Read more