The Mentor-Volunteer Contract

The Mentor-Volunteer Contract

The Mentor-Volunteer Contract
The Mentor-Volunteer Contract

Clarifying expectations towards one another, agreeing on how to work together and defining what mentoring is all about is part of the so-called contracting.

What is a contract in the context of mentoring in the EU Solidarity Corps programme? At first it might sound like a formal procedure, but it definitely is not. It’s more of a verbal agreement between the mentor and the volunteer. Contracting is a process which helps to discuss important issues for working together, which also gives a more structured approach.

Such a conversations touches on the following areas:

  • The boundaries of mentoring – deciding on the “general territory” of the relationship –
  • which field of ESC experience will you be focusing on?
  • Content and aims of mentoring – specific learning and development objectives you
  • will be working on
  • Conditions – the way you will work together
  • The basis of relationship – principles you’ll basing your cooperation on
  • Expectations – what you expect from the process and each other
  • Anything else

Source: Meant to be a Mentor. Workbook for Mentors