Web 2.0 Tools for Trainers: Team Collaboration

Web 2.0 Tools for Team Collaboration [Image Thomas Ulrich via pixabay]

Image: Thomas Ulrich via pixabay.com

Digital Tools can make virtual team collaboration easier and more efficient. The Web 2.0 tools focus on different team activities: organise, communicate, write, brainstorm, collect, store/share and publish.

W eb 2.0 tools (or ICT – Internet and Computer Technologies) are becoming more and more popular among facilitators and trainers. They make the co-operation within a team over a longer project time or inbetween the preparation meeting(s) and training event a lot more easier and efficient. Digital tools serve various purposes and help teams to organise, communicate, write, brainstorm, collect, store/share and publish.

Web 2.0 Tools for Trainers

In my work as a freelance trainer, I use various digital tools to get organised. Partly of course to I need to watch my time I spend on training projects and stay productive, partly because I like to play around with different apps and tools.

Preparing and carrying out projects or training events sometimes involves a lot of different people, from project managers or coordinators, representatives of organisations involved, researchers, facilitators and trainers, participants of the project or training course. And – in my case – most of them are cross-border co-operations between partner organisations and the team constellations are culturally mixed. Virtual collaboration saves you a lot of time, energy and also finances.

Working as a freelancer means also, that I work together with various teams and organisations. For the use of digital tools this means, I sometimes use different tools in different constellations. Even if they are not my favorite ones. Just because people use different tools to get their job done.

I made different experiences introducing digital tools to trainer teams. Sometimes it worked out great, often it took a lot of time and it was not worth the gain on productivity, a few times it was a complete failure. Certainly, if you collaborate with a lot of different people, it pays off to know a lot of different Web 2.0 tools. And start off with tools that are already in play or easy to take off with. And then move to those, that take some more time.


Check out the mind-map on mind42.com: ICT Tools for Team Collaboration

Web 2.0 Team Collaboration Tools

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Digital tools make virtual co-operation among project managers, coordinators, facilitators and trainers much easier and more efficient.

They can be sorted along different activities within a team:

  • organise (tasks, todos, projects),
  • communicate (within your team),
  • write (take notes, create programmes, documents, methods, reports together),
  • brainstorm (concept, content and activities of a training event),
  • collect (methods, tools, resources, materials),
  • store/share (shared document space) and
  • publish (participants information, resources, documentation).
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Check it out on mind42.com: ICT Tools for Team Collaboration

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Web 2.0 Tools for Team Collaboration [Image Thomas Ulrich via pixabay] Pinterest

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