Developing Intercultural Awareness and Competence

Experiental. Self-directed. Intercultural. Non-formal Learning meets Online Learning

Experiental. Self-directed. Intercultural. Non-formal Learning meets Online Learning

“Non-formal Learning meets Online Learning” draws parallels between course elements,of the Designing a New Learning Environment (DNLE) online course. its underlying values and philosophy, and my work as an intercultural trainer and coach in the field of Non-Formal Education and International Youth Work. Read more

Undiscovered Country Title

The undiscovered country. Future, Personal development and Managing change in the context of EVS trainings

“The undiscovered country” is about learning through experience during European Voluntary Service and introduces our three main topics. These topics are explored in the following three chapters “Future“, “Personal development“ and “Managing change“, both from a more or less “theoretical” and from a practical point of view. Thoughts, ideas, outlines of methods and tools may serve as an inspiration for how to work on this topic during EVS seminars and meetings. Read more

Meant to be a Mentor. Blended Training Course [Ian Schneider - unsplash]

“Meant to be a Mentor” | Blended Training Course for EVS Mentors

The Polish-Lithuanian Blended Training Course “Meant to be a Mentor” is a long-term journey to discover and develop competences as an EVS mentor. This learning journey aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the mentors role as well as help develop competences necessary for carrying out the role and tasks as a mentor.Read more