My Vote – My Impact. Europe Behind the Scenes | International Seminar

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How can we have an impact in what is happening in Europe? How can we participate and shape democratic procedures? The seminar “My Vote – My Impact!” addresses current European challenges and future questions in the context of the 2019 elections for European Parliament.

Nowadays Europe is challenged from different sides: as the first country, the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, more and more membership countries are putting their country first and withdrawing their solidarity with others, nationalism and radicalisation are rising as migration and economical instability are growing.

In the light of those (and many other) challenges the elections to the European Parliament in May 2019 are considered as one of the most important election for the future of Europe. The seminar “My Vote – My Impact!” wants to address those current European challenges and discuss the future of Europe.

We believe, that the 2019 elections for European Parliament are a great opportunity. Voting is essential for a functioning democracy. The voting turnout – also among young people – is often not as high as we wish and need them to be. This Seminar wants to offer a space, where youth workers and multipliers can learn more about Europe and the upcoming elections, share experience and create new ideas for how to increase the impact on democratic processes in order to be able to carry the spirit of Europe and democracy back to their local communities and to the young people they work with.

The seminar “My Vote – My Impact” offers:

  • some basic knowledge about Europe and the European Union.
  • a visit of the European Parliament in Brussels to take a close up look at the democratic body, that’s up for election,
  • getting to know different activities on how to have an impact on European, democratic procedures,
  • meeting with people from initiatives from / with young people,
  • a space to discuss and exchange our views about the future of Europe, and how to actively take part,
  • ideas and inspiration to promote elections among and with young people.

This seminar is for youth workers and young multipliers in the field of youth work who would like to promote European Parliament Elections among youth.

The seminar takes place from 18.02.-22.02.2019 in Lultzenhausen, Luxembourg.