Developing Intercultural Awareness and Competence

Building Emotional Resilience | Image: Fabian Kleiser via

Building Emotional Resilience | Mentoring under Construction

Volunteers and colleagues, friends and families, but also we experience difficult moments in life, face challenges, get stuck and struggle in moving forward. In such moments it is crucial to be well-equipped and resourceful to cope with them in order to get unstuck, go ahead and thrive again. Key to this is building emotional resilience, the ability to “bounce back’. Read more

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How to develop empathy | Mentoring under Construction

When it comes to developing mentoring competence, there are a lot of (micro-)skills like listening or asking questions that are easy to train and acquire. Other abilities are more complex in nature and take more time, effort and consistency to develop. Empathy is one of them. In our Mentoring under Construction MeetUP on empathy we explored, how we understand empathy in the context of mentoring and how we can develop empathy. Read more

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How to get started? My tasks as a Mentor | Mentoring under Construction

Are you just about to embark in a mentoring journey with a new volunteer? And you are not exactly sure, what are your tasks? “How to get started? My tasks as a Mentor” present and clarifies what are the most important tasks as a mentor and how to kick off your mentoring journey within the European Solidarity Corps. Read more

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Core tasks of a mentor in European Solidarity Corps activities | Mentoring under Construction

What are the core tasks of a mentor? – The Mentoring and Coaching under Research (2023) pointed out a lack of clarity when it comes to the job profile of a mentor. This blog post summarises the various perspectives of this research: mentoring approaches of publications and inquiries with practitioners in the field. Read more

MeetUP 2023-09-27 MeetUP FB Cover [Wylly Suhendra via unsplash]

How to approach Solidarity as a Mentor | Mentoring under Construction

The European Solidarity Corps brings together young people in order to build a more inclusive society, and responding to societal challenges. Solidarity is an important element of every volunteering activity. Mentors also play a part in this. This blog post explores this question and is looking for ways on how to raise the awareness of ESC volunteers about solidarity. Read more

HOP Crash Course 2023 - A smooth start with online learning [Priscilla du Preez via unsplash]

A Smooth Start With Online Learning | HOP Crash Course 2023

HOP Crash Course 2023 is a blended online training, that combines an online course, an in-person training and a series of live events. The training covered quality aspects of non-formal online learning and the implementation on the HOP Online Learning platform. Between April and July 2023, 27 participants went through a process of planning and designing online courses. The HOP Crash Course 2023 was organised by SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus and the Helenic National Agency. Read more